One day I’ll fly away…again

Getting back to Travel and writing words about it…

So it had been that, until March 2020, I was flying for work all over the place all of the time.

Plane upon plane, upon plane. And I had convinced myself I loved it.

And, well, I sort of did.

If the upgrade came through that is (it never did anymore).

If there was no turbulence (and there always was and HOW was I still afraid of a little bumpety air? Um, because it is terrifying mutters everyone).

Then it all stopped. My last flight (to this current day) was March 11th 2020. Covid had entered the building (plane, air, everything)

I was in fact upgraded that time, but then, so was everyone. There were only about 9 of us on that plane that morning.

To be noted also that the man in front of me coughed all the way home.

Which was quite a way too, seeing as home since 2001 had been San Francisco and my departure spot was fair old London.

I remember sporadically and completely maniacally cleaning the arms and headrest of my seat — for most of the 11 in-flight hours — with a teensy bottle of hand sanitizer panic-picked-up at Heathrow.

All the while feeling somehow that this may not have been sufficient to protect me from the gob-fulls of cough germs seeping into my every breath passage - courtesy of snuffle bloke up in front…

No Covid was transmitted thankfully, that flight. To me at least.

And still that remains my most recent aviation based experience.

So I guess the travel writing (I’m committing to fresh experiences only for now) must wait… Bate that breath all ;

The trips are booked though. London, Italy, Jamaica and Japan.

Just a little longer eh?

Then please do come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…